EBCSC – DaromDigitalDesign


Elijah’s Blessing Community Service Center

Date: 2018




Project: Logo

Medium: Online

Applications: Adobe Illustrator



Project: brochure

Medium: Print

Format: 4-color, 8.5×11

Applications: Adobe In-Design, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Description: The mission of the Elijah’s Blessing Community Service Center is to develop programs that foster healthy communities and the empowerment of individuals through education and awareness.  After presenting a complete proposal with logo design, collaterals, stationary and a website (no longer active as I designed it), I was hired to develop the proposed materials for the president to present at fundraising meetings.  The logo reflects the urban setting of Baltimore, Maryland and the work the center does to bring green spaces and a loving help (showed by the two open hands holding the city).