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American Custom Marble & Tile

American Custom Marble & Tile

Brand development for American Custom Marble & Tile. Joe Wick is a general contractor in need of a complete branding, from designing his logo to create business cards, and a full website.
His website acmarbleandtile.com is a responsive website.
Click here to view the logo and other digital designs for ACMT.

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Population, Family and Reproductive Health - Focal Areas

Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health

The PFRH department at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health was in need of a brand new section for the website. Due to a change on masters and doctoral programs, the department needed to create several focal areas.
This project started in June 2014 and is in the final development phase.
The first phase was completed in just two months and that was to create the first focal areas pages with enough information to be posted for the new academic year. Thanks to and incredible team work with the chair, the faculty, our education administrator and myself, we were able to deliver on-time for the new academic year, as the new students were enrolled with this new approach.
As of February 2015, I work with the faculty individually to streamline the information that was first posted and create processes for sharing new information on projects, publications or other activities.

Center on the Early Life Origins of Disease

Center on the Early life Origins of Disease

When Dr. Xiaobin Wang joined the Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health with her team of researchers and data manager, we had just two weeks to gather as much information as possible as she was transitioning from her previous university but still had to finalize a grant request and needed a website with substantial content. I developed a simple template as the goal was to provide information in very limited time.

dr. frank wolkenberg

Dr. Frank Wolkenberg

Dr. Frank Wolkenberg's website was developed in 2011. I worked with him on planning the content. This project was done in one month.

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andrea truan

Andrea Truan, Design & Illustration - Developed the site designed by Andrea- Knoxville, TN
--Retired, only the first link "Get to Know" is clickable.