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  • Data Visualization Date: 2014-2015   Posters   Project: Posters Medium: Print Format: 4-color, 48″x36″ Applications: Microsoft PowerPoint, Stata Description: The 4 posters below were created for 4 faculty to present their research findings at the Population Association of America conference. Using data gathered through their surveys in Excel files and Stata (a statistical software for […]

  • Framework Date: 2016-2017     Project: Various framework for faculty projects and grant proposals Medium: Print and online Applications: Microsoft PowerPoint Description: Conceptual frameworks are used in research (but not just in the research world) to organize ideas, gather and make clear distinctions between concepts, create relationships between these concepts. This allows to define the […]

  • Logic Models Date: 2016-2018         Project: Logic models for faculty projects and grant proposals Medium: Print, online Format: 4-color Applications: Microsoft PowerPoint Description: Logic models are tools to help plan and clarify the goal of a project, study, research, anything that requires planning and outcomes. Using segments such as inputs, processes, output […]