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Information Design is the art of story telling. Although in existence for many years, it has become a new specialization in the graphic/web designers world. Digital Design is a discipline that I enjoyed so much because it allows me to combined both creativity with functionality.

In the midst of the civil war, Americans saw for the first time the devastation thanks to photography. Journalists used this medium extensively and it created an impact that was greater than just reading words in a newspaper.

As a visual and print learner myself, what could better suit me than diving into the world of information design. The examples below are my humble first information design creations.
I cannot wait to learn, grow and showcase new projects very soon.


The 4 posters below were created for 4 faculty to present their research findings at the Population Association of America conference in 2013.
Using data gathered through their surveys in Excel files and Stata (a statistical software for researchers), I created these posters, telling the story of their research and findings.

Adolescents and Young Adult Health Inequalities by Urbanicity and Wealth Gender-Based Violence against Adolescent and Young Adult Women in Low and Middle Income Countries
Trend of Undernutrition Status for Female Youth in Low Income and Middle Income Coutries Examination of Anemia among Young Women in 34 DHS Countries
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Conceptual frameworks are used in research (but not just in the research world) to organize ideas, gather and make clear distinctions between concepts, create relationships between these concepts. This will allow to define the goals of a research project, help phrase questions and methods to develop a project.

Early Adolescence Framework
Early Adolescence Framework
Evolving Nature of Adolescence Framework
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Logic Model

Logic models are tools to help plan and clarify the goal of a project, study, research, anything that requires planning and outcomes. Using segments such as inputs, processes, output and outcomes, an organization can present its projects for grants proposals, or research.

Logic Model Global Early Adolescent Study
Reducing Adolescent Pregnancy - Logic Model
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